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Indicators & Trading Systems



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Now, get all 9 volumes in one Download + the Insync Index
That’s over 450 completely editable indicators and trading systems.
Full disclosure of formulas & eManuals –


“I’ll Help Make Your Software Work Smarter.” Greg Morris

A single electronic transfer with over 450 unique & different, as well as tried & true, indicators and trading systems. These are the indicators and trading systems you read about and wish you could program. Well, wish no more…

Features in each volume of
Indicators & Trading Systems

All formulas are fully disclosed in the manuals or via your software’s formula editor. Full disclosure on all indicators – no secrets and no black boxes — great education. Many new, never before released indicators are included. You can easily *open & edit any indicator or trading system to meet your personal trading style. No expertise required, just “point and click” on the indicator or trading system you want, then use it. Invest in a trading library that has never before been available. Pays for itself in one trade! Get that needed EDGE over the market professionals with a powerful arsenal of indicators and trading systems that encompass almost every aspect of technical analysis.

Please read Important Notice before ordering…

* NOTE: You cannot open and edit the indicators & trading systems found in MetaStock. Some are on this CD or can be created by combining two or more indicators – all of which can be opened & edited.

** NOTE: Volume 5 – Market Breadth is not automatically updated in MetaStock. You will have to manually update the data files in this one Volume alone.


Indicators & Trading Systems
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Works with all versions of MetaStock – Free MetaStock Sample
(Password to open & edit not included, sample provided to demonstrate compatibility).


Important Notice!

This collection is NOT Software, yet it has an install routine, you will be required to read instructions and follow them. You will also be required to follow the directions provided in your specific analysis program. We do not offer support for MetaStock. We do not offer support for Microsoft Windows.

Furthermore, there is little documentation for each individual indicator or trading system. There is, however, a “thumbnail sketch” of each provided for reference, as well as when applicable, a reference to the issue of S&C where the formula was first reviewed or presented. The formulae are printed out in text format in the associated manuals. The “manuals” are on disk, you will receive one compressed (.zip) file which includes the volumes, the manuals, and a one page Quick Start Instruction guide.

This download is offered as a collection of formulas, it is intended to add to the existing library of indicators and trading systems already found in your analysis program. It is not educational or instructional.

Under no circumstances will the password to open and edit the formulas be given in advance of the 30 day money back guarantee. Once 30 days from purchase has elapsed send email to:

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